Publié le 12-05-2018

COP 23 in Bonn (Germany): What Governor THIAM got

Present in Bonn, where he participated in Cop 23, the Governor of the Autonomous District of Yamoussoukro, Dr Augustin THIAM, returned from the German capital with a signature of convention concerning the realization, in his district, of an industrial unit of treatment and transformation of household waste into electrical energy.

Without a doubt, it is a great blow that has just hit Dr Augustin THIAM. But how surprising, when we know that since he is at the head of this important territorial community, he spares no effort or time to offer his people better living conditions.

The construction of this important infrastructure is therefore part of the strategy of this "development agent" who put at the heart of his magisterium the search for resources and funding to implement his vision of making Yamoussoukro a "witness city" of the emergence promised by President Alassane Ouattara.

Also, has it made the protection of the environment, sustainable development, wealth creation, the attractiveness of its territory the basis of its strategy in the conduct of its policy of decentralized cooperation, both national and international. international.

He did not hesitate to take certain initiatives; notably, the Yamoussoukro District's participation in the call for projects launched by The R20, a coalition of private companies, international organizations, NGOs and academic and financial institutions founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California. The mission of this structure is to help the Regions of the world to implement low-carbon projects, and to communicate best practices and policies in the field of renewable energies, in order to create a green economy.


This happy initiative of the Governor of Yamoussoukro has finally borne fruit.

Thus, leading the delegation of the Autonomous District of Yamoussoukro in Bonn, Germany, in the framework of COP23, Dr Augustin THIAM initialed the document which materializes the eligibility of his community for the realization in Yamoussoukro of a unit industrial treatment and transformation of household waste into electrical energy.

The Yamoussoukro District will benefit from the technical expertise of the R20 for the technical studies that will make the project bankable with the financial partner of the R20 which is EGIS GROUPE.

Moreover, the realization of this sustainable development project will undoubtedly enable Yamoussoukro to become a national reference and, why not, sub-regional in terms of good environmental practices.

The Bonn Climate Conference 2017 is a conference on global warming that took place in the German capital from 06 to 17 November 2017. It is the 23rd annual conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.